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29 thoughts on “NotesZone

  1. Ranish Khatiwada

    where are the notes related to CFA?
    If you cant provide the notes at least provide some links.
    Please state that whether it is reliable source or not (meaning : Actual Study course).
    I would like to get links for the CFA level 1 study material,if you can provide then it’l be much appreciated.


    1. SnAdmin Post author

      Hi Ranish, we apolozise for the delay in updating some of the sections of studentsnepal including the noteszone. We are currently working on this section actively. We have sent a private message to you. Please do check it and reply when you have some free time.
      You can check the unread messages from the your profile tab (right side of the top bar)
      Looking forward for your reply.
      Support team,

  2. Madhav Bhattarai

    can i get the note of the technical sector……
    i have six subject :
    1.electronics device and mainteance
    3. DBMS
    4.Micro processor
    5.c++ networking
    I am reading in 10 class.(presently)

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