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  • My top 5 biscuits list. Share yours plz.

  • Ekta Darlami

    June 16, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Just a random topic. I eat biscuits daily and must say that I am a biscuit lover. Here are my favorite biscuits that are commonly found in Nepalese shops.

    5. Britannia Digestive: Feels healthy and good among other biscuits

    4.Patanjali Coconut and Orange cream: Like real coconut and the orange cream biscuit is so soft and nice.

    3. Bournbon: Just love this sweety

    2. Monaco: My Fav tea time biscuit.

    1. Oreo: I just love eating oreo. the regular one, not strawberry.

    Please share your favorite biscuits as well if you have no other things to do like me.. kidding 😉

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