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Fashion Designing in Nepal

Basic Introduction of Fashion Designing course and related subjects | Job prospects | Future after completing the Fashion Designing course | Jobs | Cost to study | Colleges and Universities offering the Fashion Designing in Nepal

Fashion Designing is an art of application or work to design and adding natural beauty to clothing and accessories as well as making people look better and feel comfortable. Making people look attractive, glamorous and confident is one of the primary and well accepted jobs of Fashion designers. However, the scope of fashion designing is more wider than that in real. Fashion designing is influenced by nature, natural beauty, culture and social attitudes and it vary over time and place. It is a career where the working life span is unlimited. It depends on how creative and ordinary you are in fashion and fashion related things.

Fashion Designing is a branch of arts and science in which you have to work very minutely in every part of the object of your project be it living or non living. Designers have to work on incoming trends and techniques according  to time. It is a work where accuracy and imagination is most important.  Fashion designing course is gaining popularity in Nepal these days as Nepalese are becoming more and more fashion conscious. The scope of fashion designing is increasing day by day all around the globe.

Wider scope of Fashion Designing | Fashion designing is not only about creating new fashions

Fashion designers  work on various type of fashion research to provide best fashion trend for their audience. Fashion designing is not only about making objects (dresses/people) look nice and attractive. Designers constantly try to design a cloth or fashion that is comfortable and pleasant to wear. They design the garment for the person or a target group likely to wear taking in account for the situation in which they wear them. They have a wide range and combinations of materials to work and design with various patterns, style and art to choose from.

fashion designing in nepal

 Although most of the clothing is design to wear for everyday routine which is much more comfortable for daily use, designers try to make it as much comfortable as it looks attractive too. And, some garments are usually designed for special occasions such as party dresses, formal dresses, evening wear, ethnic dresses etc. Some clothes are designed for a particular individual. In today’s trend most of the garment are designed for everyday wear or casual wear which is call Ready-to-Wear clothes.

The designer must be capable as well as punctual as the fashion trends are changing at a great pace. Fashion designing requires a lot of imagination and foresight too. During the fashion designing course students develop these qualities while learning other technical aspects of fashion designing.

Requirements to be a fashion designer in Nepal | Eligibility to study fashion designing in Nepal

To be a fashion designer, you don’t need to get formal or academic education but that does not make the feat any easier. You will need to have knowledge about drawing, sewing and design skill in any form, knowledge of fashion industry analysis power, research techniques etc to become a successful fashion designer. For instance; the fashion designer should get the excellent sewing tuition to sew difficult fabric and under challenging situation which is a skill that doesn’t come easily to many people. It is a duty of fashion designing students to learn to understand fabric about how they move, drape, breathe, react when they are worn etc. Get depth knowledge of fabric like as if it is absolutely essential to use when designing. And also have knowledge to collect materials.

More Insight about Fashion Designing and Fashion Designing courses in Nepal

There are many colleges, institutes that provides a good education of fashion designing in Nepal. The interested student can apply in such colleges to fulfill their dream of fashion designing. Most of the institutes that conduct fashion designing courses in Nepal are in Kathmandu valley. There are few colleges outside the valley that run the classes. Butwal, Pokhara, Biratnagar are few of the cities where students can study fashion designing.

Colleges that conduct Fashion Designing course in Nepal | Fashion Designing colleges in Nepal

There are few colleges in Nepal that conduct the fashion Designing course program. Most of the colleges are in Kathmandu Valley. We are gathering information about Fashion designing colleges in Nepal that operate from cities other than Kathmandu. We will update this list to include Fashion designing colleges in Butwal, Fashion Designing colleges in Biratnagar, fashion Designing course in Pokhara, fashion Designing colleges in Dharan and colleges in other major cities of Nepal. If you are running or know about any college that conduct the fashion designing course please inform us about that through admin @

Here is the list of Fashion Designing colleges in Kathmandu:

  • Namuna College of Fashion Technology Kathmandu
  • IEC School of Arts and Fashion
  • Kanjirowa National School
  • WLC College Nepal

Cost to study Fashion Designing in Nepal | Average cost to complete Fashion Designing course in Nepal

It is not relatively a costly course for the students although this course involves a lot of technical as well as practical aspects. There are diploma courses as well as  Bachelor courses  for Fashion designing in Nepal. There are one year diploma courses, three years (6 semesters) Bachelor courses. The cost for one year diploma course in Nepal is about NRS. 90,000-100,000 and for three-year bachelor course for Fashion Designing in Nepal is about NRS. 350,000-450,000. This is just the tuition fees for gaining the degree. Students might have to spend few extra thousands for projects and materials as they study. The talented students and students  from marginal community are provided with special scholarships.

Scope of Fashion Designing in Nepal | Career after completing Bachelor in Fashion Designing | Job prospects of Fashion Designers | Average salary of Fashion Designers in Nepal

There is a good career for Fashion Designing in this stage people wants to use try new fashionable clothes and try the latest trends. The professional fashion designer can have a great earning till their life time. Also, they can make passive income from different side projects and custom projects during their career. There is a good scope of fashion designing and the sense of fashion is ever increasing in Nepal.

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