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    charles colin

    Education has always served as a path of success and development for those who want to improve their future and fortune. Hundreds of years ago only the most privilege ones that were able to attend Ivy League universities. In the past few decades, education has served as fundamental mean for white collar jobs. UK Leading Coursework Help Service is also part of this education process.

    A person is judged by the good manners that he has and it is the education that shape your manner. It is education that helps us to differentiate between good and bad manners. We teach kids and give them education so that they learn to be polite and socialize with other people. We instill our values in the children using education. If you teach good manners to your children then you would be able to lay down the foundation that they would follow for the rest of their life.

    Education is crucial since it gives us all the skills and tools that we need to convert our dreams into reality. When we opt for higher education, it is because of the fact that we want to excel in a particular field and want to specialize in it.

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    Ritina Magar

    Education, the process of imparting knowledge from one to another has become one of the essence part of life. It not only improves our knowledge but also support human in every phases of life. It gives human strengths and guides them to tackle every troubles and problems in a creative as well as effective way. It aids in different curricular fields. The world can not ho further without education.


    Vishal Gupta

    Education is such a fatal weapon that can annihilate the world of ignorance and poverty in very short span of time. This is a key to sure success in life. Quality education brings kudos for you in your respective society. Besides ensuring respectful employment, it instills self-confidence in you. When you receive qualitative education, you undergo various steps that prove beneficial for you in the long run of life.
    First of all you learn to be in discipline. You cover your respective syllabi in a stipulated period. You make sure that you don’t violate rules and regulations of the educational institutions from where you are receiving education. You learn to listen others, especially your teachers and friends. In a way, you are learning the first lesson of discipline.
    Then you try to prepare what you are being taught. You have to give your cent percent performance in the exams. For that you toil day and night. Here you learn the value of hard work. Then come exams. While facing exams, you learn to face challenges of life. If you get the desired success in them, you learn to develop positive attitude towards life. And if you don’t get so, you learn to rise again and face them with more strength and determination. So in the end you learn to be determined while facing adverse situations in life. And what more you can expect from education ?

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    Anzuu Sharma

    Education is a very vital tool that is used in the contemporary world to succeed. it is important because it is used to mitigate most of the challenges faced in life . the knowledge that is attained through education helps open doors to alot of opportunities for better prospects in carrer growth.


    Sunny Kumai Chettri

    Education has the higher value for this 21st century cause without education people are suffering a lot. Education is the first priority to all the people living in this world. Education has the power of knowing good and bad things of the society, people, country and the whole world. Education is the fundamental principal key for everyone of us life. Education teaches the manners of who we are and how we are behaving to other people and also in our daily working life as well as in our home as well. So, Education helps us to develop everything what we need for and what is in need. Education is the useful and never ending source of income for us to build ourselves what we want to be in future. So, at last education is the important part in every one of us life.Education teaches the good discipline and manners to all of us how to maintain the quality of life.


    Ankita Taxak

    Education isthe primary need of everyone.One need to be educated to grow in this world.
    So education is not compulsion it is necessity.
    For Example i live in hHaryana and preparing for HSSC, govt. organises written which includes Haryana gk .
    So to be an employee also you need education.

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    Pratigya Shiwakoti

    Education is the best way to represent yourself in the society. A person without education is a tree without roots..while Nepal being a part of developing country here Education plays an important role for the development. Education help us to create skill manpower, it helps to organized sustainable development, also it plays an important role on the field of health and cleanliness, it also helps to reduce unemployment,poverty and social problems…education increases literacy rate and also people can lead towards right path of life. Education helps to distinguish between good and bad or right and wrong. It helps to develop other infrastructure such as health sector, transportation, electricity and drinking water etc..It help to bring positive changes, new techniques and technology. Education is the process of getting proper knowledge and information about various topics. Thus we must focus more on education so that we can be able to make our own career and can stand on our own path…Education is a way to develop ourselves and our community or a country, it is a chance to prove that I can do better and I deserve to be better..so good education is important in this 21st century in the period of competition..


    Olasunkanmi Fakeye

    you can’t be anything without education (Formal and informal).


    Olasunkanmi Fakeye

    Even if you have great ideas you need education to anness it well


    samir bhatta

    plus 2 education ko result aako hora sathi haru


    samir bhatta

    why education is important today i will tell u in nepali
    gari khana lai 2ta kura yad rakhnu parxa ..jo sanga sip hunxa kai garna sakxa teslai eucation important xaina kina ki hami sangai testai dharaiii example such as bail gate ,,tara hami jaasto sip navako lai padnu bhayak kai ni important xaina so concentrate in study and achive the goal in feature

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