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which engineering has greater scope in context of nepal?

Home (Beta Launch) Forums After plus 2 (+2) which engineering has greater scope in context of nepal?

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    Rozan Shrestha

    im a student of science stream in +2. i have a query about a scopeful engineering in nepal. recently ive been searching for aeronautical engineering. does it have scope in nepal? and what about a well paid job? and its total amount for studies?


    Suraksha Tiwari

    Engineering jobs are the most soughed out and secured jobs in Nepal. There is a huge inflow of students who study engineering each year. There are a lot of developmental activities to be carried out in the country which make the scope even wider. As every field has opportunity and it should be the one who make a scope, it all depends on your interest which field you want to pursue. The most common and popular engineering fields in Nepal are civil, computer, electrical and architecture. There are many infrastructural developments work to be done in Nepal and also the use of computer in every field has increased the scope of civil and computer engineering in Nepal. As you are concerned about Aeronautical Engineering, till now it is not that popular in Nepal. There are very limited resources for the development of this field in Nepal. Aeronautics engineering deals with all the technical details and mechanisms behind all flying bodies. Aeronautical engineering degree equips the students with knowledge on complex design and development of aerospace machines. Graduates can find job position on design, construction and maintenance of aircraft, and the major companies that hire aeronautics engineers are airlines, commercial aviation companies, space research agencies, and some governmental agencies. As for Nepal there is not much scope for aeronautical engineering. You may have the chances to get hired by the airlines but skills and experience are most in this field due to the criticality and safety issues associated with this sector. The course on aeronautics engineering is provided by only one institution that is a three years Bachelors in Aeronautical Engineering in Purbhanchal University and this course provided by PU is also not much acclaimed in Nepal. Nepal does not have the aviation manufacturing companies and infrastructure related to aviation. If you are that interested in aeronautics engineering, you can apply for abroad. The cost structure of aeronautics engineering is depends on the university, total cost in Indian university ranges from IRS 10 lacs to 15 lacs whereas it is much more expensive in US.


    Ashmi-ta Tamang

    Can anyone tell me which one is better between civil engineer and computer engineer?.Do we need to study about codes and java programs like that in computer engineering? I don’t like that one.But before that i’m confused whether to go in dentist field or in IT or engineering one???please help me to sought out this.


    Satyam Sajan

    civil and computer engineer is the best scope in neapal


    aryan chhetri

    civil engineering is better in nepal…. as I think


    Amar bahadur Bogati

    I think Automobile engineering best for +2 science pass student. This is the new in nepal.


    suvesh khatri

    electrical will best . if u are undergraduate.


    Bipin Bhatta

    Today’s day civil has more important and rare
    After 10 years computer has more chance


    Suman Poudel

    i think Civil engineeering has greater scope in future days to come because more construction work to be done ……….


    Sandeep Poudel

    At first, I would like to say scope is something that you create. Dont whip for the scope rather create it. Pursue your passion and you can master on any engineering field. But on the basis of Demand and vacancy civil engineering and computer engineering are at the top in the context of Nepal.


    Girwan Shahi

    I think civil engineering or computer engineerig has greater scope in context of nepal .


    Asmita Aryal

    At this instant civil I’d say but considering the future scopes civil is scopeless 😂. With around 500 civil engineers graduating every year all Nepal will have is civil engineers. And with development ongoing I see beautiful prospects of mechanical engineering 😊. With all machineries conquering the world Nepal needs some good mechanical engineers to compete and be a supreme it used to be in late 70s.


    Shishir Aryal

    Civil engineering


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