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What is best for management students after plus 2? BBS, BBA, BSW, BBA-BI, BCIS

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    Ganesh Pandey

    Hi, what course is best after completing plus 2 in management among BBS, BBA, BSW, BBA-BI, BCIS, BCA and similar courses. I think they all are similar to BBA is aspect but dont know the exact differences and similarities between these courses. Somebody please tell me more about these courses if you know. What is the best among BBA and BSW. I have heard a lot about BSW. Is it new course in Nepal. ANd what are the chances of getting job in nepal after completing one of the bachelors course in Management. tq


    David Lama

    I think BBS from Tribhuwnan University will be best among them all. Now it is four year course and relatively cheaper than other BBA courses too. I myself have studied BBA but now I recommend BBS course.


    Kiran Thapa

    All are same fundamentally except BSW. And regarding future peospects and syllabus I also think BBS from TU will be good choice. TU is TU afterall.



    BSW is also good option



    BBA good option among them. because BBA students are highly recognized in the market.


    Abhishek Karn

    Can we do BBA along with CA ?


    Puja Karki

    Well,First of all you need find out where is your interest-in which field you want to pursue your career.Most of the management job want student from BBA.As it will add lot to your CV as well as for personal growth.Studying BBA will sharpen your presentation skills,case study and grooming as well.But if your focus is on Ban/financial institution then BBA–BI will be perfect for you.Though,BBS from T.U has its own credibility but at the end your personality, your skills,your confidence speaks louder than your Grades.So, I suggest to join Pre-entrance class in are best in the market right now they’ll surely guide you.Good luck!

    P.S:I suggest you to not join any college affiliated to Foreign University.Try your best to join Nepalese one because it will be difficult for you afterwards.I am telling you because i have experienced it.


    Girwan Shahi

    CA is the best for management students


    Abiral Kumar

    what is the difference between BBA &BBABI & which is better in nepal


    Reebok Dc

    After completing +2 from management Probably BBA is the best option .

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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