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Tips and ideas to manage time effectively

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    Ritina Magar

    How to manage time so that things can be done more effectively. Please comment some tips and ideas you know or have tried to increase productivity by managing time.


    Pratigya Shiwakoti

    To manage time
    1. Make a schedule::oo my god i hate schedules☺😊yes it is a problem for all…no people want to make a daily routine or schedule..but trust me it is the main idea to manage your time..even if you can make routine more interesting than it would be better because even you want to follow it..
    2. Wake up early:: upps😲early..really may fell it but Woking upearly make our body fresh and also good for that you can manage your time from beginning of a day…
    3. By utilizing time:: it is a must important thing to do…if we do some creative work in the free time our time may managed…
    4. By not spending more time in unnecessary things:: you may think what may be this unnecessary things…so it is my favourite tv,mobile,video games ,parties,gossip chatting and dating, some stress… ..etc. yes this one is quite difficult…but you known there is no thing impossible 😁😃😎..
    5. Be punctual::: I want everything in timeeeee😎😎😎👊👊wala action…
    Aru ta kehi xa vhana u could do…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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