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Schlorship and Fee structure in B.IT and BSc.IT course ?

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    Rohit Joshi

    Can we get schlorship in IT course (any type)?If yes what should we prepare for that ? If no What is the fee structure of these course ? Please anyone expalin me in brief …


    mahesh dhakal

    I want to know that too about the detailed fee structure of studying the courses.Somebody, please update information Fee structure in B.IT, BSc.IT and other Information Technology courses in Kathmandu.


    Deepu Shah

    As I am not much aware of your interests and what field of work would you like to establish a career in, let me give you a brief understanding on each of these courses and what are the kind of opportunities that you can find with these. That way it will be easier for you to take a call and choose what’s best for you.

    Both of these technical courses offer promising job opportunities in computer applications. A BCA course will provide you professional working knowledge on C, C++, Java and also in operational and financial management. This course will help you to start a career as a junior programmer and later on go on to become a senior programmer or a project manager, responsible for delivering projects successfully. Some of the other avenues that you can try out are system admin and web designing.

    A Bsc IT will also take the same amount of time to complete and you will be trained on computer applications. It focusses on enhancing your knowledge on data structure, data application and OS.

    Both of these courses have their own advantages. While students who are interested in the field of internet or database operations can opt for Bsc IT, those who want to pursue a career in computer applications, programming and software should go for a BCA. Both of these courses will be pretty useful as you will find plenty of job opportunities in the fields mentioned above.

    Hope I answered your question. You might also like to that talks on the advantages of studying anytime and anywhere through a distance mode of education.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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