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France and its Lifestyle, Education system, Future and Career

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    I want to go France in student’s Visa or working Visa but don’t have any people there so I really know nothing about it especially about college and lifestyle. I do hear that its hard to get a job and its hard to even eat . And about after graduation? How many people are going to France for higher studies or for work annually from Nepal? Is France a better choice or shall I look for other European countries?


    Suju Bhattarai

    France is home to a number of public universities, private universities, public technical universities, autonomous scientific higher education institutes and institute of technologies. There are five art schools Paris College of Art and Conservatoire de Paris are among them.

    It offers a world-class education. Some of the institutions allow you to complete few courses from home, of course using your computer. Generally, students need to pay around €186 for 1st-year programs and two-hundred and fifty-five euro in Master’s level. Living cost is also not so high. You can survive on four-hundred and thirty euro for a month. However, this does not include your university’s fee. Students are allowed to work for 964 hours in a year and the minimum wage they get is 9.76 Euros per hour.
    After graduating you can apply for a temporary residency visa which is non-renewable. It will be for one year and during that time you can work full time. You even have the option to join the postgraduate program and further your study without any issues.
    Recently a new system has been adopted and according to that students can apply for ‘Talent Passport’ Visa which is a 4-year residency visa.

    Mostly known for its exotic lifestyle, history and natural wonders, France is a jewel of Europe. It is a sovereign state whose territory comprises of multiple overseas territories and regions and metropolitan France in Western Europe. It is surrounded by six countries: Spain in the southwest, Italy, and Switzerland in the southeast, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany in the northeast. France has multiple international airports, ferry terminals and rail service due to which it is deemed as Europe’s gateway. Paris, the capital of the country is also the largest city and a major commercial center. Some of the main cities are Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nice, Lille, Lyon, and Marseille.

    The most visited nation in the world in 2017, France is undoubtedly the tourists’ favorite destination. The country has the amazing climate, striking natural wonders, varieties of outdoor recreational activities, art galleries and museums, astonishing architecture, iconic Eiffel Tower and much more. In France you don’t have to do much to feel relaxed, just sitting on the terrace of a café, sipping the coffee and watch the world go by also gives a sense of pleasure. It is also home to a Disneyland which is visited by fifteen million visitors every year. Since the national has everything a tourist would ever want to see from beaches to snow-capped mountains to immensely spread countryside area, French people choose to explore their own country instead of visiting abroad. Eighty percent area of the nation is countryside.

    If I don’t mention about French cuisine and wine while talking about French lifestyle, the discussion would be incomplete since they are inseparable. French loves for food is unbelievable. The typical meals include 3 to 4 courses. Some of the most loved food includes Coq au vin, Coquilles Saint-Jacques and sea scallops prepared in butter. France produces a large number of wines.
    The southern region is the most t popular area in France for business. It is costly as well. French Alps lies in this region. Since it is a tourist destination, here you can find an array of dazzling resorts. Paris, the capital city exhibits rich culture and reflect wealth and design.

    French people are quite formal and well spoken. They pay special attention to their appearance. Considered the fashionable people, they are very specific about their clothing. They believe in ‘live and let live’. Thus, they are light-hearted, relaxed and fun loving. They love food and prefer it to be fresh, so it very common to see them shopping groceries on a daily basis. Festivals like carnivals, fairs, Tour de France, the International Garden Festival and Festival d’Automne de Paris reflect the French culture. People living here are healthy and happy; this might be the reason behind the low crime rate in France.

    The living expenses entirely dependent upon one’s lifestyle and the place of residency. However, it’s not too expensive either.

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