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Lets discuss about the challenges of life

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    Bhabesh Thapa

    Let me ask something different. What are the challenges of life according to you? How you plan to cope with those challenges and how to prevent or minimize those challenges.


    Ankuran Thapa

    There are tons 😛


    Ritina Magar

    For me the challenges of life are their reality i.e. birth and death


    Satyam Sajan

    To speak truth and take right action.


    Pratigya Shiwakoti

    Firstly life is a time interval between birth and death. Life is a priceless gift from nature. Life is happiness, sadness, hardwork, struggle, failure, success…etc .every person have his/her own way to describe a life. It is not necessary that life may always be easier sometime there may be difficult situations but we should face such problems too. There are lots of challenges in a life of a person from birth to death. For example a child is born first he must learn to talk, walk, speak.. when he/she grows up then he/she must go to school for formal education. Then when he/she complete school again they must prepare for higher education. After that proper job, salary, marriage, children and so on finally when he/she grow old there are also challenges such as due to aging various diseases, weakness and problems arises. Only the thing person should remember is life is a rainbow full of various colours. Likely challenge are that color of rainbow which has got its own feature. So we must enjoy and welcome such challenges being positive and strong because challenges are the true meaning of life and when challenges ends our priceless life too ends…


    samir bhatta

    challange of my life is you babay


    Tashika Singh

    There will be many challenges in every step of our life. Solution for the challenges is to keep calm and focus only on your happiness

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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