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CA from Indian board vs CA from Nepali Board (ICAI vs ICAN) which is better?

Home (Beta Launch) Forums Chartered Accountancy (CA/ACCA/CPA) and CFA CA from Indian board vs CA from Nepali Board (ICAI vs ICAN) which is better?

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    Meet Shrestha

    Friends let discuss which one is better in context of Nepal. lets take overall factors into consideration. And make a clear choice/recommendation b based on your views. Which one among ICAN board CA and ICAN board CA is better in your opinion. And what about other professional accountancy courses like ACCA ,CFA, CPA and CIMA.
    Also, what do you recommend between studying CA in Kathmandu vs Studying CA in Delhi or India.


    Ritina Magar

    CA Nepali board is better


    pawan rajbahak

    if anyone wants to be established in other country except nepal then indian board is better option. it is recognized in many other country than nepal board. however, if you want a quick establishment inside Nepal then nepal board is best option. We cannot compare on the topic:: Which is better board for student.


    Kailash Joshi

    Both are best in their respective area.


    Girwan Shahi

    I think indian Board is better


    rajiv shakya

    I think ca degree from ICAI is better than ca degree from ICAN.
    Benefit of degree from ICAI is written below.
    1)ICAI is second largest professional Accounting & Financial Body.
    2)Degree from ICAI is valid in Nepal but Degree from ICAN is not valid in INDIA & other developed countries .
    3) Pass percentage is higher in ICAI in compare to ICAN.
    4)There is campus placement for ca from ICAI but no campusplacement from ICAN.


    Satyam Sajan

    i think indian board is better


    School of Finance

    3 things to consider.

    For +2 passed:
    1) If you want to do auditing practice in Nepal – ICAN is for you. (Remember CA from ICAN is not treated as graduate equivalent as well outside Nepal, so also enrol for BBS in a college)
    2) If you want to be be treated as a CA globally or want to go in job market – ICAI/ACCA (ICAI is treated as Master equivalent in most of the developed countries and ACCA gives you B.Sc in Science or something similar).

    For Graduates
    1) Opt for CFA is finance interests you. It’s a gold standard qualification as per financial times.- Equivalent to masters in USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, India, Hongkong etc.Equivalent to doing MBA from top B-Schools like Stanford / Howard / Princeton etc.
    2) Prepare for GMAT – above 700 – try for a good B-school else work for some years and then try again.


    Pujan Bhetwal

    C.A. in Nepal is better if you’re staying in Nepal.
    And if you’re planning to settle in India, do it from there.
    The main thing is: I don’t know the exact Fiscal year, maybe from 2072/73, C.A from Indian board will not be given priority. It means students studying C.A of Indian board after the commencement of such act won’t be given priority.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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