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Are professional Wikipedia writers being paid well?

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    Aiden Murphy

    Wikipedia now is not only an online encyclopedia but now it has been looked like a content marketing platform as well. It was created to get the information to be posted but becoming so popular and about 40 million people daily visiting the website made people consider this for content marketing. Since this is a platform that accepts written content thus professional Wikipedia writers have become important in this field. This is one of the most chosen and unique careers in the field of writing and it has grown in the contemporary world. I am here to explore how well paid this career is and how much do these professional Wikipedia writers are being paid? I am looking to get into this career and this is the reason that I am exploring on this thing. Is there some professional who can guide me about the pay that a professional Wikipedia writer can have? I want to hear it from some professional and also I want to have the ideas about how can I excel in this career as well? Can someone help me out here?

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