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    Maya Kafle

    Hi, I am recently studying Bachelors in Science (B.Sc.) at Tri-Chandra Campus. I study Zoology as my major subject in the B.Sc. I am very much confident and satisfied with my studies. What I wanted to know was is graduation in science studies fruitful or some applied science studies like technical education got scope in Nepal in recent times ?

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    Puspa Pradhan

    Applied Science and the major science subjects are different things. Everything has got its own importance. If you are confident enough with your studies in the Zoology, you don’t need to get worried.

    Studying Zoology has got its own importance and the scopes. Nepal has got scopes for the Zoologists if they ae determined to bring about a change with their knowledge. As you know Nepal is a country full of diversities. So, there are many wildlife reserves and National Parks aimed at protecting the floral and faunal diversity in Nepal. All these require the Zoologists. The Zoologists here are projected to take care of their number, their living status, monitoring their activities using the different tracking technologies, demonstrating about their status to the concerned authority to take essential necessary steps to prevent or upgrade the circumstances, etc.

    Above these cited works the Zoologists are the teaching members required at different education Institutions in Nepal in recent times. Furthermore, Zoologists are the scientists & researchers who have the work to study about a lot of things in the field of animals. They basically study about a lot of animals and their activities so it is a very vast subject to be studied about. They not only learn about big animals they study about the small microscopic animals too which are infectious to human beings and have the ability to create an epidemic disease. The Zoologists also deal with the study of these kinds of diseases and work with many related people to develop the vaccines even. Nepal lacks these kinds of professionals.

    The zoologists with these types of abilities are very much required in Nepal. So, you could really consider that the Zoological studies have got a scope in the country.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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