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    Shruti Gyawali

    Hello, everyone….
    I am recently studying Electronics Engineering at WRC, Pokhara. I am in 2nd semester of My Bachelor’s study here. What I wanted to know was what are the scopes of studying the electronics engineering in Nepal. Are there enough possibilities for the career opportunities for the Electronics Engineers ? What about the scope of electronic engineering in foreign country if I go after completing my bachelor degree from, Nepal although I am really not interested in going abroad either for the study options or for the job opportunities. I want to serve in my own country only. So anyone to help me out with the scope of studying Bachelor in Electronics Engineering in Nepal here at StudentsNepal ?


    Rameita Neupane

    Hi Shruti,
    It’s good to hear about a girl who is a would-be engineer in the Electrical and Electronics field. Well, I don’t study Engineering but my brother does and I have come to find about some scopes of studying the Electrical Engineering in Nepal. Let me help you out with some.

    Electrical And Electronics engineering is the Engineering studies related with Electric medium and the things that run on Electricity ranging from small pocket devices to large-scale factory or industry equipment. This is growing field of the Engineering studies.

    Nepal has no much provisions now for the scopes in the Electrical engineering but with the government’s plans and policies made for the future to have been come into immediate implementations. There occurs a great future scope for the Electrical engineers in Nepal. So, If you are planning on serving in the country only it would not bother much to you.

    Electrical Engineers have the scopes especially in the places where the electrical and electronics media are used more as well as produced and it ranges from the simple house setting to different big factories and industries.

    The present circumstances of Nepal show the requirement of the Electrical Engineers in the Hydropower Projects at the equipment maintenance, At Nepal Telecommunication department, Nepal Electricity Authority, Alternative Energy Promotion Commission, Various building Companies, Various Factories, Nepal Ekarat Engineering co. Pvt. Ltd, Defense related Electronic Department, etc.

    These are the limited opportunities but with the development and implementation of the plans of the government there would be much more scopes in the fields of Engineering in Nepal because the county aims at developing more number of Hydropower Projects and establishing factories and industries in Nepal only to be independent and the Electrics abd Eectronics Engineers are not only required at the time of constructing them but are required at the frequent supervisions and the maintenance as well as upgrading and developing works too. So, furture holds more scope in the Country at seeing the present circumstances.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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