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Beware! they are using you to make money.

People are capitalizing the innocence, ignorance, dreams and lack of knowledge of others to make a fortune for themselves. LinkedIn is used more often as the best platform to manipulate and victimize the targets while such scammers are active on other big and small networks as well. Here are five of the most common spams […]

IQ: Unrivalled Brain Boosting Recipes for Better Intelligence Quotient

IQ is Intelligence Quotient in its full depiction and is an extremely broad measure of learning potential that, in addition to other things, includes the capacity to reason, arrange, tackle issues, think dynamically, and appreciate complex thoughts. IQ tests don’t gauge overall intelligence. IQ tests are institutionalized evaluations. They contain a uniform arrangement of guidelines […]

Top Free Technology Resources Educators Must Use!

Effective education is the need of the hour. Future of any country depends on its force of well-educated, well-groomed and responsible students. These are the students who will be responsible for bringing good innovations in their respective fields of interests. And these innovations fuel their nation’s economy. A student is an outcome of various teachers […]