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Will Post-Graduate Education or a PhD Improve Your Employability?

The majority of students view their education as a critical investment for their future professional success. Better grades or longer academic journeys are generally considered as an antecedent of wider employment choices andhigher salary levels. Unfortunately, this hypothesis rarely passes the reality check in the modern working environment. More than 80% of British millennials in the […]

5 Ways to Overcome the Education Unemployment

Source: Description: Discover the hard truth about education unemployment, learn how to secure a meaningful job and how to pursue what you really want! One of the most dangerous vices we experience in society today is unemployment. Many believe that joblessness is a gateway problem that increases the risk of subsequent involvement with crime […]

Beware! they are using you to make money.

People are capitalizing the innocence, ignorance, dreams and lack of knowledge of others to make a fortune for themselves. LinkedIn is used more often as the best platform to manipulate and victimize the targets while such scammers are active on other big and small networks as well. Here are five of the most common spams […]