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About Arjun Bhattarai

I am Arjun Bhattarai from Palpa, a beautiful and lovely place of Western Region.I have completed ACCA and currently doing MA (Economics) and LLB from Tribhuwan University. Apart from writing and playing with code, I love swimming and watching sci-fi videos. Find me at

Expanding Vocabulary Has Been Made Easy

Are you preparing for an admission test or eligibility exam, or just feeling the need to expand your vocabulary? Learning new words cannot be done overnight. It is a continuous effort that gets gradually improved over a long period. Starting at a younger age is helpful, as several vocabulary activities are creatively executed for little learners to […]

Main Types of Vocational Training

Many students do not understand the full meaning of vocational training, as most of them concentrate more on college degrees and diploma certificates. However, for those who want to indulge themselves in courses that focus more on their skills, then applying for a class at a vocational training center is the way to go. Many […]