All About SnCoins

*This marketplace is currently in development phase. Redemption might not work smoothly. We will fix this soon.

For each activity you do in StudentsNepal, you can earn virtual coins (SnCoins). Once, you collect enough coins you can redeem them for recharge card pins, t-shirts, gadgets etc.  You simply need to message us after you have the required coins we will send the recharge card PIN to your inbox. And if you choose any product other than recharge cards, we will deliver the product to anywhere in Nepal.


Activity coins
login 1 (Daily limit)
comment 1 (Daily limit)
friendship new 5
share 10
registration 10
Refer a new friend 50


Gift Coins
50rs card 250
100rs card 400
Cool Printed t-shirt 2000
Parker Pen 2000

So, if you invite 10 of your friends to join studentsnepal, you will collect 500 coins. This can order recharge card of Rs 100 instantly.

If you make 20 new friends in StudentsNepal, you will get 100 sncoins. Similarly, you can earn coins by logging in daily, commenting, sharing pages and posts etc.

My SnCoin Balance


Top 15 earners

  1. #1 Suresh Yadav 14,529 SnCoins
  2. #2 Yub Raj Kandel 10,602 SnCoins
  3. #3 Dipesh Raj Giri 9,472 SnCoins
  4. #4 Sumi Chettri 8,965 SnCoins
  5. #5 sabita gautam 7,771 SnCoins
  6. #6 Nikita Kc 4,847 SnCoins
  7. #7 SnAdmin 3,822 SnCoins
  8. #8 Anupa Khanal 3,674 SnCoins
  9. #9 Rajan Gyawali ZYAK 3,619 SnCoins
  10. #10 Lovely Gupta 3,464 SnCoins
  11. #11 soveetz khanal 3,317 SnCoins
  12. #12 Sunny Kumai Chettri 3,131 SnCoins
  13. #13 anil maharjan 2,796 SnCoins
  14. #14 Bhabesh Thapa 2,725 SnCoins
  15. #15 Oseen Shakya 2,623 SnCoins


StudentsNepal Referral Program

This is your referral Link (between the arrows below). Simply copy this link and share it with your friends on Facebook, twitter, groups or anywhere. You can write additional message to request for joining studentsnepal with the link you provide. Simply write some message, copy the link below, paste it in your message and send it to your friends. Lets make studentsnepal a bigger community!

Remember that for every member you refer you earn 50 SnCoins! Copy the link and send it to your friends, relatives(students). They will love to be part of StudentsNepal. 🙂