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Air hostess training in Nepal and Future prospects | Jobs | Salary scale | Training centres | Cost of Air Hostess Training in Nepal | Eligibility and Requirements

What is Air hostess training? Who are Air hostesses? Let’s begin with these basic questions. Air hostess is the member of the air vehicle who has the main responsibilities of comfort, safety and pleasureful journey of passengers. Unlike the common concept of thinking air hostesses as just the crew who serve food and beverages to passengers, air hostess has very broad responsibilities. Air Hostess training is the training and knowledge that is given to students who want to pursue a career as an air hostess. The Airhostess training is generally of a short duration of 3 to 9 months.

Air hostess in Nepal is one of the most promising career options for females. Many young girls choose this career option because of the exciting experience of flying, visiting different places, interacting with different kinds of people on the aircraft and for the most important, attractive pay package. Liberalization of air policies in the world as well as in Nepal has increased the private operation for air services which has created immense job opportunities in the aviation industry.

The Air hostess career gives exciting experiences but it is not an easy thing to become air hostess as it seems from outside. This is a highly demanding career option with lots of various training and a lot of odd duty hours plus a lot of patience. The Air hostess career lies behind a strong conviction, commitment and hard work for learning the technical aspects of aircraft operation and skills to tackle the difficult situation of aircraft be it in International flights or short route domestic flights within Nepal.

Major responsibilities of an Airhostess

Most of the air hostess are ladies. Air hostess is the first person who welcomes a passenger, with her welcoming smile and greeting acknowledge for every passenger she attends. Inside the aircraft, she seems to be greeting every passenger, guiding each to his/her seat, helping passengers in every manner to get settled, feel comfortable and co-coordinating, security personal, giving direction as and when required and doing myriad things. Basically, she’s on constant call by passengers all the time. Its the duty of Air Hostess to make all the passengers in her board comfortable and help the passengers in every way during their flight.

Air Hostess career prospects and future after becoming Air Hostess

An Air hostess can be later on promoted as senior flight Attendant and then Head Attendant. Air-hostess has an average career span of 6-12 years on average. So what after air hostess? Well, after completing her duties as air hostess that usually lasts for 6-10 years in international airlines and 8-12 years or longer in domestic Nepalese Airlines. Air Hostesses can move to the ground duties which include the job of a check hostess, air hostess trainer, ground hostess. Air-hostesses can also work at the management level in airline companies. Air hostesses can get a management-level job in airline companies with some extra qualifications like MBA, MBS or so on. MBA or BBA along with Airhostess qualification is regarded as one of the best combinations if air hostesses decide to make their career in administrative roles.

Like any other career, the Air hostess career has its own advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about the air-hostess career is that you get to travel the world, meet various people and gain knowledge about a different type of culture. And also it is a glamorous career choice for young girls. Also, the salary scale of air hostesses is fairly high in comparison to other career options. The reality of working as an Air-hostess is hundreds of miles away from the outdated perception of ‘trolley dolly’ or a ‘waitress in the sky’.

But, the job of Air hostess is equally challenging and adventurous ( probably at beginning)as it requires working at odd hours and being patient and hospitable at all time.

Air Hostess in Nepal and Cost of Air Hostess Training in Kathmandu

In Nepal, there are many institutes that provide Air-hostess training in national as well as international level also. Like, Air-hostess Training Institute Pvt.Ltd, Fly Tech International Air Hostess Academy, Global Wings etc that provides best quality education training for Air-hostess in Nepal. Generally, Air Hostess training Institutes charge NRS 30,000 for the training of 3-5 months in Kathmandu.

Job prospects of Air Hostess in Nepal

Due to the geographical complexity, there are many places where road transportation has not reached yet and to travel in such places, one has to choose the airway travel. So there is a lot of scope for anyone in the Airlines industry. Also, Nepal is one of the most famous and popular tourist destinations, air traffic is increasing day by day. Although the tourism industry today is not in its peak, things are changing slowly. This means there will be a lot of air hostess jobs created in near future for domestic flights as well. So, the scope of an air hostess in Nepal is increasing and the career option is becoming more attractive.

Working in International Flights vs Domestic Flights of Nepal

Comparatively, it is more beneficial to work in International airlines companies than in domestic airlines in Nepal. Working as an air hostess in International Arline not only helps you earn a handsome salary, the exposure you get in such companies is far wider than that in domestic companies. So the first wish/choice of Nepali Air Hostesses is to get a job in international flights. However, the chances of getting senior positions after completing the duty years as a flight attendant and being promoted during the working airs are high in domestic airlines than in International Airlines.

Also, there is more flexibility to work in domestic airlines of Nepal. However, in the current context, it is far more lucrative in terms of financial benefits and continuous professional development to work in one of the international Airline companies or in International Airline of Nepal than in the domestic flights. But things are getting better for domestic flights too and hope the scenario becomes different in the coming years.

Air Hostess Salary in Nepal | How much does Air Hostess earn in Nepal and abroad?

The starting monthly salary of an air-hostess working in a domestic airline is between Nrs .25000-40000. A senior air-hostess can get NRS. 50000-75000 per month in a public or private sector airline where foreign airlines pay around  Nrs. 1- 2 lakhs per month in the start.

A flight attendant has to work in odd hours. They often work on evening, holidays or weekends. A shift may last up to 2 hours at a time for domestic flights and more longer for international flights. Air-hostess spend about 65-90 hours in air per month and another 50 hours in preparing flights and writing reports. The airline pays overtime for hours over the flight hours promised in their contracts. Airlines also pay for hotels and provide meal allowances when air hostesses are away from the house.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for flight attendants are supposed to grow at a rate of 11% between 2006 to 2016. Despite this average growth, competition for the jobs is intense due to the high demand for this travel-intensive position.

New airline companies are establishing at a great pace which hires Air hostesses for their company. Nepal’s most popular airlines are Agni airline, Buddha airline, BB airways, Flying Dragon Airlines, Nepal Airlines, Shaurya Airlines, Shree Airlines, Yeti Airlines etc. There is a huge scope of Air Hostess in Nepal too with increased tourism activities.

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  • I do have a height of 5:1 ft only.
    I’ve keen interest to join airline.I don’t have good English too.
    What can I do??
    Can I get to join an airhostess courses or not??

    • I m interested in doing the air-hostess course but I don’t have +2 qualification I have done tell 10 so I can join the air-hostess. And after the course is there’s possibility of getting that fix job??

    • I m interested in doing the air-hostess course but I don’t have +2 qualification I have done tell 10 so I can join the air-hostess. And after the course is there’s possibility of getting that fix job??

    • As per I know
      If your english is not good then you can’t be .You should be confident enough to interact with people and for height it should be 5feet 2inch

    • If you have other good traits and reach the minimum arm reach requirement, you can pass the height test. As for English skills, you can develop that over time with sufficient practice. I think its better to join the training course in flytech or AHTI. You can learn a lot from that

  • I had completed my +2 and also finished my airhostess training in best institute of Nepal that is flytech institute. My height is 5.5, i had all the qualification which are needed for an airhostess .

  • I’m very interested to be an Air Hostess.But i haven’t complete +2 level.I’m running in grade 11…and m studying Hotel my Aim is to be an Air hostess..

  • I had completed my +2 and I’m studying BBs 1st year.My height is just 149cm.I can join the air hostess training.

  • I have an aim to became a successful airhostess but till now I haven’t completed +12..May I have a capability to became airhostess??

  • I’m just 17 years doing +2 and my aim is to be air hostess so can I join the training?
    Can we directly join the training or should we have to do some courses related to it?

  • I am very interested to be a airhostes. But l just running in class 12 . Can l join after giving the exam of class 12.or lt’s need certificate of +2 level???

  • I am married.and I am just 18 yrs. I have 18 months baby.I am studying 12class. Can I be a successful airhostess?

  • I want to become airhostess
    But I don’t know the information about how to become, which college is best for airhostess , from when course will be starts , (I haven’t completed my +2 also so can i able to joint directly on airhostess course and so on
    So please help me to know the information

  • I want to become an AIR HOSTAGE, but now i’m BBS 2nd yr running student. Can i apply for this job after Batchlor clear? Now i’m 19 yr younger girl.

  • How many year course should we have to study?? For airhostess ..
    And those who are studying other faculties also can apply for it?

  • I had passed +2 level and I could speak Japanese English and Nepali language fluently but my height is only 5.1 so can I apply for air hostess in Nepal ? I have JLPT certificate too

  • I have not completed+2 but I’m really very much interested to b air hostess ,i m confident of myself I can do it better if I get chance.. will I get chance?

  • I really want to join air hostess , please help me out I’m not +2, pass ,but I can speak english Hindi, Nepali very well ,My height is 5:3 I can confidently say that I will do this job best from my side but I just need a chance and some one to believe on me.. please help me out I really want to b air hostess..

  • Hi, i’m sukriti. Recently,i’ve given my +2 exam but the result hasn’t come out yet!. I’m interested in this career. But my biggest dilemma is that will i be able to continue my study while working as an air hostess?? …nd other things it may sound wired bt.. I heard a cap came to pick up n leave the members after the flight. In some inter. Companies that expenses was paid by the companies but what about Nepal??

    • u can continue your studies but in a passive way.u won’t be able to go to college physically but can study yourself and go just to give exams.this is only applicable for courses that aren’t practical much like business or other.
      if u wanna learn about stuffs in detail u should contact flytech institute or other like ahti

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