Information technology (IT) in Nepal

Information Technology Education in Nepal

Information Technology courses in Nepal have been a new choice of students in Bachelors level and +2.Information Technology is a terminology that includes a wide aspect of science from management,possession and processing to evaluation and analysis of information and related technologies. Information-technology-in-NepalIT professionals are the ones behind the success and optimization of recent technologies such as internet,computer softwares and hardware, programmes and so on. It wont be incorrect to say that IT is being a part of our life and lifestyle in ways we may or may not be aware of.

IT studies and recent developments in Information Technology in Nepal

There are many colleges and institutes in Nepal for IT programs. Increasing number of students are choosing IT for their further studies after plus 2 (10+2) or A-levels and for masters level too. The current and future scope of IT is massive in Nepal and worldwide due to the extreme rise of technologies. There is an extremely bright scope of Information Technology (IT) in Nepal. The popularity of IT industry of India also adds further benefit to the IT industry in Nepal thus to IT professionals of Nepal.

Apart from running own IT based business which require relatively small startup capital (for small startup) there are a lot of specializations in IT that open up the huge career prospects. Some of the leading field(subjects) of Information Technology are:

  • Web developer
  • Mobile application developer(android,IOS)
  • Software engineer
  • Medical IT specialist
  • IT consultant
  • Cloud architect
  • Advanced plug-ins and themes developer
  • Computer forensic investigator
  • Bespoke applications developer for various businesses
  • And many more

If you are naturally inclined towards computers, technical stuffs and such, than IT profession might be a career choice for you. However anyone with any background and inclination can be successful in this field. Mastering technologies help you to take advantage of the ever-growing high demand of skilled Information Technology (IT) professionals in Nepal as well as globally. It also provide opportunity to make your and other’s life easy innovative ideas and techniques. Information Technology (IT) has now become a core aspect of almost all businesses in Nepal which adds more stars on the IT qualifications and increased the scope of IT professionals in Nepal.

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  • What job can i get after completing my bscit course from uk university in nepal?
    I am still in confuse that how can i further process in it job sector after bachelor.

  • wana join IT. Iv just pass +2 in science faculty. What should i do to join IT college.

  • su says:

    where can i find it collage which teaches after slc i dont want to read science i directly wat read it in +2

  • Kabin says:

    I want to know how many IT colleges are in Pokhara…And which is best…i do want to join IT but i donot know any institutes

  • can we do master in computer engineering after bsc csit and hold Er. tag infront of the name??? plz reply

  • 143sd says:

    list of it college after slc in ktm

  • which clz shall i prefer in jan intake for bit in nepal ?

  • i am completed bca i want to adminssion in mca but i have no idea about nepal college

  • Prem Saud says:

    I wants to IT courses reading but I am know bed running.please how can I study.

  • Rabina says:

    IT bba bbs which is better to study for Cs student management after plus 2

  • Hello nice evaluation of institutes but i would like to point out that there are more such institutes which are not situated in the hustling and bustling of city, yet provide some basic as well as informative knowledge about
    -graphic designing
    -seo training
    -php training
    and many other features with internship as well.
    I know a place, its called Yala Tech Hub, it is situated in Kumaripati and it provides some quality training in key tools that are really helpful in todays competition in Nepal. You can visit the website here
    Do visit for training as well as internship and job placement.

  • Please tell me about BICT, it’s career scope and which is better BICT or Bsc.CSIT?

  • Nawraj Ghimire says:

    Anyone of the IT expertise please contact on my mail id if you want to do something new in your sector. I do have an great idea.
    My mail id is

  • i want to know how many IT collages are there in kathmandu

  • Sagar Ranabhat says:

    Are there good colleges in Pokhara City that run IT classes and name of those and what’s the price of IT
    And can i also know about pre knowledge for studying bsc.csit.9

  • Sugam Gautam says:

    What is the difference between BESE and BE.IT?