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What is the scope of BTTM in Nepal as well as in abroad?

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    Sanjeev Neupane

    I heared from my seniors that BTTM is interesting subject to study and I want to make my career whatever I study so please anyone could tell me about the scope of BTTM in Nepal as well as in abroad.


    Naranraj Bhusal

    Namaskar Sanjeev bro,
    Bachelor’s in Travel and Tourism (BTTM) is a course which is genuinely related to travel and tourism developments and understandings. BTTM course is highly known for producing travel and tourism understanding professionals. This subject is interesting because it is mainly related to tourism and travelling which is always been in the eye of adventure and travelling loving persons. Studying this BTTM subject can make the whole life memorable by travelling and meeting different people of the world. BTTM is a choosing faculty because mainly extra-ordinary minded people study this subject who love to make their name and fame. This subject is very much interesting and adorable to make the future career.
    In Nepal, as Nepal is a tourism country which depends 20% on tourism has a great scope of making career. In Nepal, there are many colleges that provide BTTM course inside and outside the valley. BTTM study provides the good knowledge of tourism management and travelling. Professional are hired to keep the understanding between tourists and local peoples. Professionals have good knowledge of providing hospitality and managing as BTTM is know to produce first level and middle management level professionals so that professionals can easily deal with every situation related with travel and tourism.
    In Nepal, many places are there which are based on tourism like Pokhara, Bandipur, Kathmandu, Mustang, Butwal, Palpa, Tansen etc. and they importantly needs professionals to work in their field to make co-operation and understating in every way of travelling of tourists and tourism management. So with no doubt, we can say there is a great opportunity to make career in Nepal studying BTTM subject.
    In abroad countries, there are many type of places which is naturally or artificially attracted for tourists. Without tourism guide or professionals it is difficult to deal with the places and situation which comes during travelling and visiting many tourist sites. So to deal with those type of visitors, in abroad they importantly needs professionals to guide and handle the situation. Therefore, in abroad, there is also a huge career scope.
    I suggest you to study BTTM with no doubt if you like travelling and adventures.


    Batshal Regmi

    Hi I wanted someone to help me out with this BTTM in Nepal. As I per my little knowledge and the description here in the discussion I too feel this is an interesting subject to be studied. But anyone who can help me out with the colleges in Nepal with the BTTM programs ? I really want to know about the affiliation that is better considered in Nepal for this BTTM studies. And what about the costs to study this subject?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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