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Should I go for CA in my late 30s(age)?

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    I am qualified as MBS finance. I want to better my career in finance /accounts. Should I go for CA program in my 30s?


    Girwan Shahi

    if you think you can complete CA then ofcourse you should go try


    Shrestha Anjal

    nope age doesnt matter
    you should have passed bachelor
    then youll be directly going through cap 2.


    Nirmal Tamang

    Yes you can try it but it needs great effort and time.You will need to give at leat 8-12 hours full study time.Also there is compulsory 3 years articleship which you need to finish it prior to CA final exam.


    School of Finance

    If you have completed your bachelors then we would recommend CFA instead of CA. As I have qualified both, I can assure the value CFA will bring to you at this age will be much higher than CA or MBA.


    Upasana Sharma

    yes surely you can. as per the latest news of india,one of the retired officer cleared his CA at his middle why cant u?
    just give your full dedication and effort,u will.


    Yajush Raj

    Age is only a number if ones effort, dedication, honesty and sincerity to accomplish something is driven by 100% devotion. Having said that pursuing CA in your late 30’s is a difficult task particularly if you are a married woman with children. Let me tell you what it takes to become CA: almost something that a professional football player does to maintain his physical fitness and mental positive attribute. Having said all this is never impossible to acheieve something in lie at any age. But, be prepared to devote at least 12 hours of your daily available hours for 3 to 5 years. The dividend you get after passing CA is something you cant expect.


    Deepu Shah

    What is the scope of CA in Nepal? What is the average yearly income of CAs in Nepal?
    As of now, Nepal has poor compliance to taxation and other business regulation laws. Low corporate governance, loopholes in taxation system and many people are not within tax brackets.

    But will it remain the same ? No, it won’t. It has to change to support the federalism and this will increase the scope of CAs in Nepal.

    States will have to find ways to collect taxes to fund themselves. And for those they will need CAs for various audit and compliance works.

    So hope first query is answered. Now lets come to second one. How much CAs are earning.

    In corporate world a CA fresher are making around 3.60 Lakhs to 4.80 Lakhs.

    However the experienced are making 12 lakhs and above.

    CA in practice can make more money if they have effective network. But it needs a good time to make it. You have to grow your knowledge and network for it.

    So lets conclude: CAs in Nepal can maintain decent lifestyle.


    School of Finance

    If you are interested in Finance and a graduate go for CFA. Its globally acceptable and better for your age. You can get the info

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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