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mba vs acca vs cfa vs mpa vs ma(eco) after bachelors

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    Sangita Oli

    hello a bba graduate. I am looking forward to join masters level from next session. can any one suggest me which degree is most hot and happening currently in nepal and which degree among mba,acca,cfa,economics will be of better future prospects looking at the trends of Nepal. A detailed comparasion between Mba and Acca , comparasion between Acca and Cfa, comparasioms between Mba and Ma(eco) and a brief comparsion and scope analysis amlog with salary basics, jobs availibility, recognization in abroad and options for abroad studies after completion among these courses will help me and others with similar confusions to choose a course. I am more inclined towards Mba from TU and ACCA. however, MA economics also seems promising given the mass production of MBAs in Nepal. Give your valued inputs please.


    Shekhar Sharma

    I’m also looking for these degrees and also BBA graduated. You should know first that in which area you want to go. These courses look similar but it’s specialization is on different subject and area. I’m looking for MA Economics and if you have any information regarding this degree please kindly reply me

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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